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"Season of murder..." : BJP MLA Chandrakar attacks Chhattisgarh government

18 Sep 2023

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], September 18 (ANI): In a scathing attack on the Chhattisgarh government over the deteriorating law and order situation, BJP MLA Ajay Chandrakar on Monday and said that the season of gangrape is ongoing currently in the state, and thereafter, the season of murder will start.Moreover, the BJP leader accused the ruling party of committing corruption in the task of making a massive statue of Ram at Chandkhuri in Raipur."After the season of gangrape and murder, the season that will come is going to be clear. The government is not paying attention to the outbreak of dengue and is looking after other things," said Chandrakar.

Accusing the state government of committing corruption in the development of the massive statue of Ram at Chandkhuri in Raipur, Chandrakar said that TCIL, which did not have any experience of making statues, was given a contract of Rs 100 crore for making the lord Ram's statue.

"The Chief Minister should issue a statement answering a few of my questions, like where the statue will be installed, what would be its height, posture, use of stone (in making the statue) and its life span. Corruption took place in this project," alleged the BJP MLA.

Questioning the shape of the installed Ram, Chandrakar said to ask any saint if the installed statue of Chandkhuri looks like Ram. It seems like the religious sentiments of people have been tampered with, and this is a scam in the name of a statue.

Responding to the allegation of CM Baghel that the BJP is politicizing the murder case of Bhilai and giving it religious colour, the former minister said that the CM sees communalism whenever incidents take place in Chhattisgarh, while he likes that statement made by Stalin, the minister of Bihar, or any other against Sanatan. They (referring to the Congress leadership) are like Kalnemi.

He also accused Congress leaders of having a double-standard regarding Sanatan.Retaliating to the comment of CM Baghel on the visit of the union minister to Chhattisgarh, Chandrakar said that"we neither have objection to Kharge ji visiting Chhattisgarh nor to the visit of daughter, son-in-law, and son (referring to Priyanka Gandhi, Robert Vadra, and Rahul Gandhi). Union ministers can visit any part of the country, and why should there be any objection? We wanted to showcase the painting of Raihan Vadra to Congress workers in Chhattisgarh." (ANI)

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