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Ireland set to ban sale of vaping products to teenagers

Robert Besser
31 May 2023

DUBLIN, Ireland: The Government of Ireland is preparing legislation to outlaw vaping, and the sale of vaping products, to those under 18 years old.

"We've made great strides in reducing tobacco use among young people since the smoking ban period. In many ways, I see vamping as the revenge of the tobacco industry, in terms of getting people hooked on nicotine again, so therefore this legislation is important," said Tanaiste Michael Martin, as reported by

Martin's statement was issued as the Cabinet prepares to approve the legislation, prior to its reaching the floor of the parliament for a vote.

Officials believe the parliament will approve the legislation this summer.

Further restriction on vaping will include prohibiting sales of e-cigarettes in a variety of locations available to teens.

Additionally, it will become illegal to sell vaping products in vending machines or at events targeting children.

Martin said the legislation will also seek to discourage marketing e-cigarettes to young people.

Opposition to the ban, however, claim that e-cigarettes help to eliminate the use of tobacco in Ireland.

"We're looking at the Government to look at a few other progressive countries and what they have done in terms of harm reduction, and look at what results they are getting," said Joe Dunne from Respect Vapers, as quoted by

"Vaping does make a difference, there are over 250,000 adults in Ireland who vape, and have switched from smoking, and it's definitely made a difference to their lives."

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