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CDL Kasauli clears over 21 lakh mRNA COVID-19 vaccine doses: Sources

13 May 2022

By Shalini BhardwajNew Delhi [India], May 13 (ANI): The Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL), Kasauli has cleared more than 21 lakh mRNA COVID-19 vaccine doses for stockpiling, the sources told ANI.

India has started stockpiling its first mRNA Covid 19 vaccine. This vaccine is manufactured by Pune-based Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.

The CDL Kasauli under the Health Ministry is responsible for checking the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, the sources said.

The company hasn't submitted the data of phase 3 trials to the Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) yet, but interim data for the approval has been submitted by the company in the month of March.

The company said that it has filed its phase 2 data with CDSCO in the month of January this year.

Gennova's mRNA vaccine is an Omicron-specific vaccine and has already tweaked its mRNA platform that will target Omicron.

ANI went further and generated some more queries to the company about the latest updates on data submitted to CDSCO but the company refused to answer. (ANI)

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