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Following attack, Irish health services see disruptions in care

Robert Besser
10 Jun 2021

DUBLIN, Ireland: Three weeks after being closed down by a ransomware attack, Ireland's healthcare system continues experiencing significant disruptions.

After last month's attack, the Health Service Executive (HSE), which is responsible for healthcare and social services in Ireland, shut down all of its IT systems.

News reports at the time said the health service chose not to pay the ransom which was believed to be $20 million in Bitcoin.

An HSE update on June 3 said health services in Ireland continued to see "significant impacts and disruptions to services".

Officials note that essential and urgent services are operating, but the public has been warned to be prepared for delays and cancellations to appointments because "systems are not functioning as usual" due to "critical IT systems" still being out of action.

Additionally, medical services, such as blood tests and diagnostics, are taking longer to operate as doctors and nurses rely on manual processes.

Meanwhile, HSE reports that disruptions could continue for some weeks, until the computer systems are repaired and restarted.

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